26 April'19 - 2 May'19 at Bonnington Hotel, JLT, Dubai, UAE

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This course is the authentic Licensed NLP Practitioner course approved by Dr. Richard Bandler and The Society of NLP™

Whatever you may be, this program is 100% beneficial for YOU!

  • Entrepreneurs, CXO’s and Managers
  • Sales & Marketing Personnel
  • HR & Employees
  • Celebrities, Models and Actors
  • Philanthropist & Influencers
  • Parents & Students

Behavioral integration of the basic presuppositions of NLP: NLP Presuppositions form the basic beliefs and attitudes that effective NLP Practitioners work and live by. The presuppositions are the central principles of NLP. They form a set of ethical principles for life. You will learn in detail, how it impacts your life and also the people around you.

Licensed NLP Trainer
Dr. Anil Sureen Licensed NLP Trainer

Rapport Establishment & Maintenance: Learn the art to create a positive connection, to build good relationships & to gain support for your ideas and proposals

Verbal & Nonverbal Pacing & Leading: It’s often said that if you want to change someone else behaviour, the best approach is to change your own. The resulting change will prompt the person to change themselves in order to re establish the balance and the illusion of control. Learn the techniques of this art to increase your capability to influence others and create your success.

Verbal and Nonverbal Elicitation of Responses: A useful NLP technique for inducing a certain frame of mind or emotion, such as happiness or relaxation. Learn the art of how to elicit the response you need from client and benefitting from it all your life.

Licensed NLP Trainer
Dr. Anil Sureen Licensed NLP Trainer

Calibrating through Sensory Experience: Useful in sales, education and therapy for ensuring effective communication, learn how you will calibrate to notice any indications from an unconscious level or conscious level to suggest whether you are getting your message across or whether there is resistance.

Representational Systems (Sensory Predicates and Accessing Cues): Learn how to recognize yours and others representational systems that we prefer to use and hence, process most of our information through it. This will make you understand how to get a clue as to what might be going on right! This preferred system can be determined through physiology and predicates used in a conversation.

Licensed NLP Trainer
Dr. Anil Sureen Licensed NLP Trainer

Milton Model, Meta Model: Learn how to understand the speaker’s language pattern and how to design questions to get specific information, challenge and expand the limits as per the person's model of the world.

Elicitation of Well-Formed Goals, Direction, and Present State: Learn how to set yourself a GOAL, on where you really want to go in life, you might well be driven anywhere. While such an attitude can be a learning experience in itself, it is crucial for your development to set and to define as precisely as possible what you really want. So also, the client who comes for your help.

Overlapping and Translating Representational Systems: The key to using the Overlapping Representational System is flexibility. Learn how to become a flexible communicator by consciously using language and awareness to understand the clients’ model of the world and their preferred representation system. Learn how to lead the client to communicating within a different representational system.

Licensed NLP Trainer
Dr. Anil Sureen Licensed NLP Trainer

Eliciting, Installing & Utilizing Anchors in all sensory systems: Once you have learned to elicit the response that you want form someone, learn the art of anchoring it for a future time to build a lifelong rapport with your client.

Ability to Shift Consciousness: As Dr. Richard Bandler says-whenever we learn to do something with our minds, it becomes automated, and so we become unconsciously skilled at it…These skills can be skills of depressing ourselves, hesitating, stressing ourselves out or feeling terrified and hopeless. They can also be skills of feeling really good, motivating ourselves, becoming relaxed or being more confident and hopeful. Learn the ability to understand and shift these states and make yourself and others successful.

Submodalities (utilizing including Timelines, Belief Change, Swish Patterns, etc.): Learn how you represent your thoughts using the five senses, or modalities. However, if you know how exactly a person represents his world, you can determine more about the pictures, feelings or sounds he uses to produce his behaviour by discovering the Submodalities. You can change Submodalities. and create changes and the effect that the picture has in his behaviour.

Licensed NLP Trainer
Dr. Anil Sureen Licensed NLP Trainer

Omni Directional Chunking: Have you ever been stuck in a negotiation or argument and not been able to find common areas of agreement? Or needed to quickly and easily think laterally? Or may be felt overwhelmed with an activity? Or wanted to get something done, but did not feel excited about it? Learn how chunking can help you get past these obstacles.

Accessing and Building Resources: Learn to get rid of negative feelings or emotions. such as anger, worry or annoyance. The great thing about collapsing anchors is that you don’t just get rid of a negative emotion; you replace it with a more resourceful state too - such as relaxation, confidence, happiness or laughter. This means that when you encounter a situation that used to cause you grief, not only do you avoid a negative reaction, but you actually respond very positively towards it!

Content & Context Reframing: Learn to change the context or representation of a problem and make it a positive intent. Changing the frame of an experience can have a major influence on how you perceive, interpret and react to that experience.

Licensed NLP Trainer
Dr. Anil Sureen Licensed NLP Trainer

Strategy Detection, Elicitation, Utilization, And Installation: Learn how we all use a sequence of internal representations in order to accomplish things in life. These are our thoughts. We have thoughts before behaviors and thoughts during behaviors. The thoughts that we have prior to the behaviour are the triggers for the behaviour. The thoughts that we have during the behaviour are the ones that we use to carry out the behaviour. By understanding these strategies, we can change the way we want to behave and hence change the result.

Demonstration of Flexibility of Behavior and Attitude: Who knows what you’ll see when you look from someone else’s point of view. Everyone looks at the world from a different point of view. Different points of view make the world go around. Isn’t it better to be open to other people’s points of view? We see no problem with different points of view. Only potential. Learn the art of understanding from a 360 degree point of view and be a leader.

Licensed NLP Trainer
Dr. Anil Sureen Licensed NLP Trainer

Why Get Trained By Dr. Anil Sureen?

Learning objectives:
While our titles, certificates and education are important in today’s society, but at the end of the day, what’s essential is the way we carry ourselves, our competence and confidence, our congruence and belief in ourselves.
These are the things in our inner programming – we can rely on that takes us forward and give us a lasting edge.

During this course, delegates are taught to combine all the elements of NLP, and then shown how to apply them with skill and elegance. The course culminates in real-life application of NLP Skills in helping others to overcome fears and phobias, and learning greater confidence.
By the end of the course you will be able to apply the new learning and skills you have acquired as a Certified NLP Practitioner to whatever field of work you are in, whether that be human resources, education, sales, management, therapy, or business.

Dr. Anil Coaching Institute works in association with The Society of NLP™, the oldest NLP board in the world, representing Dr. Bandler. Our Licensed Practitioner of NLP™ in Dubai, UAE recognised and approved by Dr. Bandler. This means, that with us you learn only the Official NLP and your certificate is world-wide recognised. For us it is about quality and this is important for you too, isn’t it?

Dr. Anil Sureen has received the honor to be appointed by Dr. Richard Bandler as a Licensed Trainer of NLP™. Every year Dr. Anil Sureen returns to Dr. Bandler to update his knowledge and skill in the field of NLP and to continue learning from the person who started it all. This means that with Dr. Anil Sureen you will learn only Authentic NLP™ skills that really work.

Along with Licensed NLP Practitioner Training here are few more benefits worth AED 5000 you will get free of cost.

  • Psychometric assessment – worth AED 500
  • 1Hr Coaching session with Dr. Anil Sureen – worth AED 1500
  • 1Yr Mentoring by Dr. Anil Sureen – worth AED 3000
  • Free Entry to all our upcoming NLP events.

*T&C Applied.

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Licensed NLP Trainer

Licensed NLP Trainer

Dr. Anil Sureen, is the founder and CEO of Dr. Anil Coaching Institute in India, UAE & Romania. He is a Physician and General Practitioner with 20 years’ experience, skilled at healthcare consulting & business planning, operations & management and effective team building.Treating patients with various chronic diseases has led him to believe that actual treatment is in making people aware of what they are and how they can change or adapt, be successful and stress-free and finally be disease free.He has started this Institute with a view of empowering individuals with a knowledge of their own values and strengths so that they can make changes in their personal and professional life and be successful.

Along with Licensed NLP Trainer, Dr. Anil Sureen is also ICF-PCC Certified Life Coach, EMCC Certified Mentor and Advanced Hogan Practitioner.


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